Martin Chik's Tribute To the Blues


Little Red Rooster
(4:05, written by Willie Dixon, live with the band on Jul 7, 2013)

Stormy Monday Blues
(5:59, written by Aaron Thibeaux Walker, live with the band on Feb 9, 2013)


(3:23, written by Peter Chatman, recorded at a bus station on Jul 15, 2012)

Born With a Good Luck

(4:28, written by Martin Chik, recorded at home on Apr 16, 2012)

I Feel Like Going Home
(3:09, written by McKinley Morganfield, recorded live on Mar 19, 2008)

War Is Over
(3:33, written by John Lee Hooker, recorded live on Mar 19, 2008)


Big Boss Man
(written by Luther Dixon & Al Smith, recorded in the Prague Subway by the end of Sep 2010)

Coverage from a performance in Prague Subway
(by the end of Sep 2010)

In Blues Sklep club on Feb 1, 2011
(short report)

Big Railroad Blues with Michael Caughlin (vocals, guitar)
(Jul 9, 2011, pub Na Vandru, Prague 3 - Zizkov) Calc Blues
(presentation about Calc in the university subject Software Applications of Operations Research Methods, Mar 2010)

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